Jed D

How could self-driving vehicles impact your life?

I think we live in a day and age where distractions are at an all-time high. I don’t think it’s probable that “text and drive” campaigns will be able to stop the rising level of danger on the roads due to inattentive drivers. I think it’s imperative that we move to the next stage that would allow people to not need to be fully attentive while “driving” a vehicle.

What concerns do you have about self-driving vehicles?

Personally, I love driving, most of the time. My main concern is that we know longer will experience the joy and exhilaration of being in the drivers seat.

What is the first place you will want to go the first time you ride by yourself in a self-driving car?

It sounds boring, but I just want to be able to go to work in a self-driving car. Then I could get a little extra sleep, perhaps, before getting to work.


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