Big Jim

How could self-driving vehicles impact your life?

Self driving vehicles would impact my life day one and choosing where to start would be the challenge. I currently lead a life as a shut in. I must seek a ride to shop for groceries; go to a doctor or to rehab; check out a book at the library or to buy stamps; I need to save my Social Security money to buy a disabled person discounted bus pass.

What concerns do you have about self-driving vehicles?

As long as the engineers are happy with their designs and the technology has proven to be safe when all of my immediate concerns are answered.

What is the first place you will want to go the first time you ride by yourself in a self-driving car?

Starting day one my ability to move about freely in my community will be reborn! I could even plan an overnight adventure! Or I could dare to travel beyond my small town of Plano, Illinois 60545! I am prepared to be happy in traffic!!!



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